Organized by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. (TBS Japan), the "DigiCon6 ASIA Awards" is an annual prestigious digital content competition in Asia. It welcomes the participation of aspiring and talented creators throughout Asia and regional contests are organized in various Asian regions. The winners in each regional contest are eligible to further compete for the GRAND Awards. 

Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association (HKDEA) has been co-organizing Hong Kong’s regional contest of the “DigiCon6 ASIA Awards” for years, with a view to identifying and supporting the potential creative talents in Hong Kong by promoting and giving recognition to their creative digital contents. Over the years, a number of winners in Hong Kong’s regional contest have attained further recognition in DigiCon6 ASIA Awards” by winning various GRAND Awards in Japan.

"DigiCon6 ASIA Awards" is an excellent platform for Hong Kong talents to get recognition for their creative excellence, to learn from their counterparts and the prestigious Asian masters and judges by networking and exchanging with the creative talents of other Asian regions.  

For more details of application for Hong Kong’s regional contest, please visit the page of APPLICATION METHOD.


"21st DigiCon6 ASIA Awards — Hong Kong" (DigiCon6 Hong Kong) Awards


DigiCon6 Hong Kong— Gold Award
one selection
DigiCon6 Hong Kong — Silver Award
two selections
DigiCon6 Hong Kong — Next Generation Award#
one selection

The winning entries of the above Awards will be nominated for further competing for the GRAND Awards of the "21st DigiCon6 ASIA Awards". The Gold Award Winner of DigiCon6- Hong Kong will also be invited to participate in the grand final award presentation to be held on 30th November 2019 in Hong Kong.
# The Next Generation Award for DigiCon6 Hong Kong will be presented to an outstanding entrant aged of 25 or below and has a key role in the production of the winning digital content.

“21st DigiCon6 ASIA Awards” — Awards

DigiCon6 ASIA Gold — Grand Prize
500,000 Yen
DigiCon6 ASIA Gold — Gold
300,000 Yen
DigiCon6 ASIA Silver — Asian Perspective Award
100,000 Yen
DigiCon6 ASIA Silver — Splendid Technique Award
100,000 Yen
DigiCon6 ASIA Silver — Innovative Art Award
DigiCon6 ASIA Next Generation Award
100,000 Yen

100,000 Yen


DATE (to be confirmed)

Calls for Entry for “21stDigiCon6 ASIA” Awards— Hong Kong” (DigiCon6 Hong Kong)
May to Aug 2019
Application Deadline for DigiCon6 Hong Kong
8th Aug 2019
Vetting & Selection of DigiCon6 Hong Kong's Award Winners
23rd & 29th Sep 2019
Screening and Sharing of past DigiCon6 Hong Kong Winners’ Work
19-20 Oct 2019
Vetting & Selection of Grand Award winners
Asian Master Summit
28th Nov 2019
Screening of21st DigiCon6 ASIA winner’s works & Exchange Meeting
28th Nov 2019
29th Nov 2019
21stDigiCon6 ASIA Awards - Hong Kong and 21st DigiCon6 ASIA AwardsPresentation Ceremony
30th Nov 2019