Organized by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. (TBS Japan), the “DigiCon6 ASIA Awards” is an annual prestigious digital content competition in Asia. It welcomes the participation of aspiring and talented creators throughout Asia and regional contests are organized in various Asian regions. The winners in each regional contest are eligible to further compete for the GRAND Awards.

The "21st DigiCon6 ASIA Awards" will have strong participation of 14 Asia regions, including Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Sir Lanka, Vietnam and Uzbekistan, with over 2,000 entries.

In 2019, besides organizing Hong Kong’s Regional contest, Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association (HKDEA) is proud to be the co-organizer of the “21stDigiCon6 ASIA Awards” Presentation Ceremony and Asian Master Summit in Hong Kong, under the sponsorship of Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It is the first ever award ceremony in DigiCon6 ASIA’s history to be hosted outside Japan. 

The “21st DigiCon6 ASIA Awards” Presentation Ceremony will be held in Tai Kwun, an ideal venue in Hong Kong. Tai Kwun is a centre for Heritage and Arts and a place of inspiration, stimulation and enjoyment for all visitors. The highest standards of heritage conservation have been applied at Tai Kwun, with unfailing attention to authenticity, bringing more than a dozen historic buildings to life. 

As a regional hub of creative industries in Asia, Hong Kong has a robust digital entertainment industry, and is also rich in cultures and tourism. We are looking forward to seeing friends, winners and partners from Digicon6 ASIA Awards’ participating countries/ regions in November this year! 

For more information about the “21st DigiCon6 ASIA Awards” and applications for the regional contests, please contact the respective regional co-organizers.


Memorandum of Understanding Signing Between HKDEA and TBS Japan
20th Mar 2019
Vetting & Selection of Grand Award winners
28th Nov 2019
Asian Master Summit
28th Nov 2019  
Screening of21st DigiCon6 ASIA winner’s works & Exchange Meeting
29th Nov 2019
21stDigiCon6 ASIA Awards - Hong Kong and 21st DigiCon6 ASIA AwardsPresentation Ceremony
30th Nov 2019